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Why is the tungsten alloy buffer weight so critical?

If you get a weight that is too heavy, the rifle won't be able to push the spring back and reload the weapon.

If you get a buffer that is too light, then the bolt carrier might move too fast and not perform the correct functions


Offered tungsten counterweight is used to balance the rotatory motion


Furthermore, we provide this tungsten alloy counterweight in different sizes and other technical specifications as

per customer's specific requirements at market leading prices.



Rugged design and accurate dimension

Elevated durability and resistant against corrosion

Impressive thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance

Low thermal expansion and highly density

Low volume and high density and good electrical conductivity

Optimum strength and dimensional accuracy


In order to make all kinds of counterweights, tungsten is considered as an ideal raw material

Manufactured counterweights have their wide usage in several application areas such as machinery, aircraft,

logging industries and many more

These are made in varied specifications to be used for different purpose


Here are some Tungsten buffer weights for your AR-15

The Tungsten Alloy Recoil H3 Buffer Weight 1.49oz each

Over twice as dense as steel! This high-performance rifle piece replaces the stock cylinder weight in your rifle's carbine buffer tube. Economical and safe for handling, these quality buffer weights will bring your rifle's performance to the next level. Insert into your AR-15 carbine buffer tube and replace the A H, H2, or H3 stock buffer weight. Perfect for tuning your bolt lock timing and dampening recoil!

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AR15 tungsen buffer weight (USD50/10cps)

SKU: AR15 H1tungsen buffer weight
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