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  • Why can't I pay my order online from your site?
    We sell our tungsten super shot and Bismuth super shot directly from our factory warehouse by DDP Trade Term. The freight cost and taxes are not so stable according to the order quantity.
  • Why TSS,What is Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) and why is it so effective for hunting?
    The key to the superior performance of Super-18 shot is the density. At 18g/cc (about 60% denser than lead), the penetration energy is so high that it enables one to go down significantly in pellet size, to greatly increase the pellet count and pattern density, while simultaneously increasing the penetration depth of the pellets into the target. This enables one to greatly increase the performance of a typical big bore shotgun, or to go down in bore size or payload without giving up performance - or both. Why is TSS superior to lead? When it comes to shotgun pellets and fowl, what determines a pellet's lethality is penetration. And penetration depth is determined by the energy per surface area of the pellet. Weight does not determine this - it's weight per area. If two pellets weigh the same, but one is smaller, the smaller one will penetrate deeper because the energy is focused on a smaller surface area on contact and is not dissipated over as wide an area.​ As for comparing 18g/cc tungsten pellets vs lead (11g/cc), a Super-18 pellet will have about the same penetration energy as a lead pellet 5 sizes larger. So, a Super-18 #9 pellet will penetrate into soft matter at approximately the same depth as a Lead #4 pellet. However, in real life scenarios, on real birds, the Super-18 will actually do better vs lead, because of hardness. It will break bones better, or any other hard material, because of its hardness and lack of flattening out when it comes into contact with any surface. Why is it more expensive than lead, steel, or bismuth? Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal on earth, making it extremely difficult to manufacture, as well as being a rare element. It is also one of the hardest metals in the world, making it only scratchable by diamond. It's superior takedown performance also makes it a better killer than other metals, meaning no more wounded birds and less shots taken. Choosing a shot size For illus
  • May I have some hunting tool guides by using TSS?
    A hunting tool is a weapon or accessory that is used to hunt game animals. Unlike the weapons used in warfare and defensive situations, these are specifically designed for hunting. The following guide will provide you with the necessary information to purchase your hunting tool. Read on to discover more about the tungsten ball and bismuth ball. You will also learn about the differences between these two types of hunting tools. Listed below are some of the most important hunting tools to have. TSS shooting The newest technology for shotguns is Tungsten Super Shot (TSS), a magical combination of imported tungsten shot and lead. It was developed by Kyle Smith, a renowned waterfowl hunter, who shared his discoveries about tungsten's effectiveness in hunting game birds. After Smith's discovery, reloaders began exploring the best ways to pack tungsten shotgun loads. The density of TSS shot is around 60 percent higher than lead, and it hits harder than lead. Lead pellets are soft metals, but they still deform under a hammer. In addition, lead pellets often end up compacted inside their shells, preventing them from maintaining their round profile. This can affect pattern density and result in "flyers" in your game. Because TSS is much harder than lead, it also has a better pattern than lead. Another big advantage of TSS is that it allows hunters to use smaller gauge shotguns. It increases the effectiveness of smaller gauge shotguns, and 20 gauge shotguns will be used on more turkeys than ever before. It is also an excellent choice for people with bad shoulders, ladies, kids, and anyone else who is tired of using a 12-gauge load on game birds. So, it's definitely worth trying.
  • how to load the tungsten super shot with the right ingredients?
    Three Reasons to Hand load a Tungsten Super Shot If you have ever considered hand-loading a tungsten super shot, you're in for a treat. In this article, you'll learn about the tungsten alloy, the ball, and the tungsten super shot. You'll even discover how to load your own tungsten super shot with the right ingredients. You'll be ready to fire up your shotgun and start killing turkeys! We'll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of tss shotgun loads, too. tss shooting Tungsten Super Shot, or TSS, is a type of bullet with a density of 18 g/cc. It is twice as dense as lead and 60 percent more dense than steel. Due to its density, it can be shot at a far greater distance than steel. In fact, the pellets of TSS shot are so dense that they can kill a rooster from 10 yards away! Its density makes it a great choice for hunters, as well as for sport. Another advantage of TSS shot is that it can be used in smaller gauge shotguns. That means you'll be using more 20-gauge shotguns on turkeys than ever before. It's also beneficial for older hunters with bad shoulders, lady hunters, and kids, as well as anyone who is tired of using 12-gauge loads. It's also an excellent choice for anyone who doesn't want to sacrifice performance for size. tungsten alloy Tungsten alloy for tss shot is the most common type of TSS ammunition. It is manufactured in the United States and China. Tungsten is extracted from a mineral, or "ore", and then processed chemically. The end product is pure tungsten. Compared to other shot materials, tungsten has the highest melting point. It is also the most environmentally friendly shot ammunition available. The tungsten alloy for TSS shot is used in the manufacture of shotgun shells. The pellets are spread out as they leave the barrel, which divides the burning charge among them. This reduces the energy of individual balls. This makes shotguns useful in hunting small game and birds. They can be used as a replacement for lead or steel shot. But before we go into the advantages and disadvantages of tungst
  • When I receive TSS ball and BSS pelelt parcel after paid ?
    Generally,you can get tungsten shot or bismuth shot parcel in 12-20days.
  • Why the price is a little expensive ?
    Maybe you know,there are many price in the world market, however,we can ensure super best quality and reasonable price. You can have try, I think you will like it.
  • Can I pay for payment by wire transfer by bank in local ?
    Yes,this payment term is best. You can contact me for detail chat. WhatsAPP: +86-15102974329 Email:
  • Can I get a cheaper price ?
    Final price manily depends on quantity and szie. please contact me freely for detail information. WhatsAPP: +86-15102974329 Email:
  • Can I pay for payment by wire transfer by bank in local ?
    Yes,it's very safe for both of us. You can contact me freely for detail information. WhatsAPP: +86-15102974329 Email:
  • Can you provide others size TSS and BSS ball ?
    Yes.We can custom-made what you need size and density item product.
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