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3.0mm tungsten slotted beads


Why tungsten is for fly tying ?

FishingTungsten weights is used to increase the diving power,anchoring power,and casting speed of the bait. The pendant can be as small as 1/32oz for shallow water or even smaller for flying fish.Or up to a dozen ounces for deep-sea fishing.They can come in a variety of shapes.In the past,fishing pendants were usually made of lead with a hook,usually covered with soft material to attract fish.However,in recent years,tungsten alloy has become more and more popular for fishing pendants.The high specific gravity tungsten alloy made of clean metal has a large ​fishing drop ratio (>18g/cc),small size,strong wind resistance,light entry into water,fast sinking,and is a good substitute for lead drop. we can product fishing pendant,tungsten ball,tungsten pendant,

various shapes such as:water drop type,bullet type,fish mouth type,ball type,etc.

Features of tungsten alloy fishing pendant:

* Tungsten content: 97%

* Small volume, large density

* Strong wind resistance

* Inner hole grinding processing, comprehensive polishing

* Chamfering processing

* Electrostatic spraying

​ ​

1.Normal size in available :



weight per piece











others size : delivey in 12-30 days

2.Normal color in available :


copper ,silver,black Nickel,golden

others color: dlivey time 12-30 days


3. Contact information:



WhatsAPP : +86-15102974329

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F3.0mm tungsten slotted beads (USD73/1000cps)

SKU: F3.0 silver slotted tungsten beads
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