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Tungsten shot pellet  Dia 3.0mm Tungsten Super Shot 18g/cc ( TSS ) application:

Tungsten shot pellet  3.0mm 18g/cc TSS ball  is used for reloading hunting shotshell, small size with high density, great penetration, which widely used for hunting Pheasant, Turkey, Duck, Rabbit, Geese, Deer etc.

Tungsten shot pellet Dia3.0mm 18g/cc TSS ball Tungsten Super Shot 18g/cc ( TSS ) advantages:

1.Tungsten shot pellet   Dia 3.0mm is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

2. Tungsten shot pellet Dia 3.0mm TSS pellet can offer extremely high energy density ( 18 g/cm3---18.3g/cm3 ) for ensuring deep tungsten shot pellet penetration.

3.Tungsten shot pellet   Dia 3.0mm appropriate density of pattern can ensure maximum hits on vitals.

4. Much more tungsten alloy ball counts allow larger and denser patterns.

5.Tungsten steel shot exceptional penetration allow smaller tungsten pellet usage.

6.Tungsten Super Shot 18g/cm3 reduced size allows it to fly farther.


Tungsten shot pellet  Dia 3.0mm Tungsten Super Shot specification:

1. Tungsten shot pellet  diameter: 1.0mm-10.0mm,or custom-made.

2.Tungsten shot pellet  density: 18.0-18.3 g/cm3,11g/cc,13g/cc,15g/cc, 18g/cc,or customized.

3.Composition: W content: 90-95%, W-Ni-Fe.,or custom-made.

4.Surface: Polished surface,blank surface, or customized.




1.Online payment is not available on this website. Please send Email/WhatsApp to us when you want to make an order and know further information.

2. The price is 10lb TSS pellet order unit price.

3. The price includes cost,air freight fee and destination country tariffs, is door to door price.

4. We can accept payment by PayPal, Wire Transfer.

5.Price can be negotiated if order is less than 5kg or more than 5kg or more by below information.





    3.0mm 18g/cc TSS ball ( $41/lb MOQ5lb )

    SKU: 3.0mm 18g/cc TSS ball
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